Our Story

Shannon Lynn

Shannon Lynn

Hi! My name is Shannon Lynn, founder of My Room Blooms.
I have had a deep passion for the beauty and energy that flowers bring to the word since I was a little girl. I knew flowers were special and it was always my deep life goal to bring that beauty to the world through their arrangement and presentation. Along with my passion for flowers from the very beginning, was my passion for business. After graduating with a business degree and working in the corporate world immediately after for 4 years, I found myself content but not entirely fulfilled through my work. I was not able to express my creativity and share my love through the expression of flowers fully to the capacity that I knew I had potential for. I finally decided I was ready to go all in, take whatever risks necessary, and  make an impact on the world through flowers.  I then combined my passion for flowers and experience in  business to create a model bringing life to business through flowers. My idea was immediately a success and my floral company I had always envisioned came to life. People and business began to bloom through the presence of the flowers.

Chapter Two

I turned a new leaf 😉
Then the unexpected happened. Covid shut all business down and my blooming floral business came to a screeching halt overnight.  This time forced me to think of ways we could innovate and still bring bloom in the time of gloom to the world. "In Home Flowers" came to my mind immediately and at that point, My Room Blooms was born. A little different from the previous business to business model, this new fresh weekly in-home weekly subscription  model brought smiles and happiness to peoples home and environment immediately. The joy, happiness, and energy that was the output of the presence of flowers in people's space was felt immediately. The feedback was great and people love them! Make Your Room Bloom!
If you are ready to experience the beauty, energy and life that flowers bring to your space, allow us to Make Your Room Bloom. 
We truly look forward to serving you soon. 

Xoxo, Shannon 


Jordon Ednie

Jordon Ednie is Co-owner of My Room Blooms.

He is a serial entrepreneur and a man that is passionate about flowers and what they bring to the world. His skillset combined with Shannon's collide to create a phenomenal customer experience.

We look forward to making your Room Bloom soon!